Sparking a Revolution

FIRE School of Ministry Chicago exists to develop Christian leaders, ablaze with the Spirit’s fire, shaped by the truth of Scripture, and equipped to bring a Jesus Revolution to Chicago, America and the nations by proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in character and power.


What is F.I.R.E.?

F.I.R.E. stands for the Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism, an international family of believers devoted to:

1. cultivating and demonstrating the values and ideals of the New Testament, which include holiness, sacrifice, service, community, spiritual empowerment, worship, intercession, and the priority of God’s presence;

2. sparking true and lasting revival, visitation, and awakening in the Church, both in America and around the world;

3. pursuing moral and cultural transformation through the proclamation of the Gospel and righteous action; and,

4. equipping, raising up, and sending out laborers to bring the message of the Gospel to Israel and the nations.

Put another way, FIRE is committed to a “Jesus Revolution.” By using this term, we most certainly do not mean a revolution of violence, anger, rebellion, hatred, intimidation or brute force. God forbid! On the contrary, we find the spirit of worldly revolution to be completely opposite to the revolution that Jesus inaugurated. When we refer to a “Jesus Revolution,” we are speaking of Jesus transforming the world through a transformed people! We’re speaking of a spiritual, moral, and cultural movement set in motion with the Lord’s death and resurrection; of the natural outworking of the Great Commission mandate to “go and make disciples of the nations” (Matt 28:19); and of sweeping, dramatic, and radical change coming through the advancement of God’s kingdom.