Sparking a Revolution

FIRE School of Ministry Chicago exists to develop Christian leaders, ablaze with the Spirit’s fire, shaped by the truth of Scripture, and equipped to bring a Jesus Revolution to Chicago, America and the nations by proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in character and power.


Diploma and Degree Programs

After the successful completion of FIRE Chicago's two year full-time course of study, graduating students are awarded a Diploma in Practical Theology. This reflects their competence in areas of Biblical and Theological studies, as well as their preparation to exercise leadership in areas of discipleship and ministry in the context of the life of the church.

FIRE Chicago is also proud to offer graduating students a tremendous opportunity to earn a Bachelor's Degree through a transfer agreement with Logos Christian College and Graduate Schools ( Logos has been equipping leaders for Christian ministry for over three decades, and has an unwavering commitment to training urban leaders without removing them from their community of faith. Logos excels in developing vehicles for distance learning, as well as establishing and developing extension sites for hosting classroom-based courses.

FIRE Chicago is a part of the Logos Educators Network, which enables us to continue offering coursework in Chicago toward the completion of a Bachelor's Degree in any one of three fields: Theological Studies, Biblical Studies, and Applied Theology. Students who enroll at Logos following the completion of their Diploma at FIRE Chicago will immediately be awarded an Associate's Degree in Applied Theology or Theological Studies. Then, working through distance learning as well as classroom-based courses here in the city, they have the potential to complete a Bachelor's Degree by completing as few as 30 additional credits.

Students seeking a Bachelor's Degree through Logos are encourage to contact us for a detailed explanation of this transfer opportunity!