Sparking a Revolution

FIRE School of Ministry Chicago exists to develop Christian leaders, ablaze with the Spirit’s fire, shaped by the truth of Scripture, and equipped to bring a Jesus Revolution to Chicago, America and the nations by proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating the Kingdom of God in character and power.


David holds an Associate of Arts from FIRE School of Ministry (Charlotte). He has been serving the local church and ministering the Gospel in one form or another since he was saved as a high school student. He has been involved in everything from building cell-groups to evangelistic crusades overseas. He has ministered the Gospel both state-side and to over 20 foreign nations. He is currently the director of Kingdom Gospel Mission and Mesopotamian School of Ministry, a prayer and training center in the Middle East.

One of his passions is to awaken a sleeping church by calling believers to a radically committed life through experiencing the power of God (signs and wonders), embracing the simplicity of devotion unto Christ and remaining alert for His impending return. The other would be to reach a lost world with the liberating message of the Kingdom of God, with special focus on the unreached and unevangelized. David is devoted to equipping believers with the foundational and apostolic elements of the faith, based upon both God’s Word and the experienced reality of the Holy Spirit. He is further determined to identify practical ways of bringing heaven’s reality to earth by encountering Jesus through His Gospel.

Dave has been married to Danielle since 2002 and they have 4 children: sons Israel (‘03), Addai (‘09), Elias ('10), and daughter Yaeli (‘05).